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Alice Carr Homeopath

Homeopathy for emotional wellbeing

Everything affects how we feel – pressure of family, stress at work, illness, hormones, sleep – the list goes on and on.  If we feel calm and balanced, we can deal with all these things.  But sometimes life gets on top of us, we feel out of control or just can’t cope with everything we have to juggle.  I can help you regain your balance and address the underlying causes that lead to stress.


When you’re ready to start, it’s important that you find the right person to work with.  I offer a free 30-minute discovery call for you to find out more.


I am currently available for appointments via video link (Skype, Zoom or similar) or by phone. My opening times are: Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30am-2.30pm, and the first Saturday of the month 9am-12pm. All appointments can be booked below. I wish everyone safety and good health at this time.