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As the seasons turn and uncertainty continues, amid new waves and lockdowns, I thought I would address one of life’s certainties: the presence of colds and flu in winter! My son started school in September, and within one week had already caught a cold. And it seems everyone in his class was in the same boat. Unfortunately, just because we’re in the grip of a pandemic, it doesn’t mean regular illnesses take a break.

So, I would like to help, if I can, with some homeopathic remedies to deal with colds and flu this autumn and winter. This year it’s more important than ever to keep on top of more minor health issues and stay fighting fit for whatever comes along.

Aconite is the number one homeopathic remedy for colds and flu. Use it at the first sign of any cold or flu and you may well find it stops the illness in its tracks. It is especially useful for colds that come on after exposure to cold winds, or after a fright or shock. For example, I gave it once to someone who had been out in the wind and cold at a football match and came down with a cold the following day. By that evening, the cold had gone.

Arsenicum is useful for colds and flu where the person is very restless and anxious, and the symptoms are worse at night. They would be chilly with runny or blocked up nose, and sensitive eyes. They would commonly be thirsty, drinking in frequent sips. There might also be a cough, breathlessness and a burning sensation in the chest. In the case of a fever it would usually be accompanied by cold sweats.

Belladonna is extremely useful where there is flu with high fever. There will be hot, red skin and there may be a kind of delirium and restlessness with the fever. It is especially useful for children.

Bryonia is most often used for dry coughs, where lips, mouth and throat are very dry and sore. The patient will be irritable and may want to lie completely still, often in a dark room. There may also be a splitting headache.

Gelsemium is my go-to remedy for the first signs of classic flu symptoms, such as fever and aching all over. There will usually be extreme tiredness, heavy eyelids and a face that looks hot and flushed. Unlike Arsenicum, the person has very little thirst. It is very useful for gastric flu, especially if it has come on after a fright, bad news or in anticipation of a nerve-wracking event.

Nux Vomica can be used for illnesses that come on particularly after overwork or with work concerns and worries. The patient is easily chilled, irritable and sensitive to things like noise and light. It is great for stuffy colds which are worse in a warm room, and the throat may be rough with a tickly cough and a hoarse voice.

My old home remedy kit

Pulsatilla is a great remedy for earache, and especially useful where there is a yellow or green discharge from ears or nose. The patient is not thirsty, can be chilly, weepy and wants company, and they are better for fresh air.

These are just a few of the homeopathic remedies that can be used for colds and flu. A homeopath will match up your specific and individual symptoms with the right remedy for you. If you’re interested in having some remedies at home to keep handy in case you or your family get ill, you may want to start with a home remedy kit (see my well-used and slightly battered one in the picture!). They are very useful as they contain commonly used remedies and instructions on how to use them. As long as you follow the guidelines, you can begin to treat colds and flu safely at home.

If you found this helpful, you may also want to check out My Top Immune Boosting Strategies with ideas to help your immunity generally, and especially over the winter.

If you feel you could use some help to boost your immunity, do get in touch. I offer a free 30 minute discovery call for you to talk to me and find out if homeopathy can help you.

Thank you for reading! If you’ve enjoyed my post feel free to comment, share or join my mailing list below.

Wishing you all safe and well, Alice

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