In these extraordinary times I am sharing a blog in two parts. The first is to check in and offer a few reflections on the current situation, and I would love to hear back on how you are all doing and what is occupying your thoughts at the moment. The second is to share a bit about homeopathy’s use in epidemics, particularly historically, but also about the work that is being done today.

I am feeling incredibly lucky and filled with gratitude for my current situation. My family are all well (touch wood – I’m a little superstitious!), I live with my husband and son in a house with a garden, and I don’t have to work on any frontline. At the same time I am moved by the courage of those that work with the sick and vulnerable, and devastated every day to hear of death tolls and hardship and struggle – my heart goes out to the world.

Things that keep me going: knowing that I have to get up every morning for my son; that I have to feed us all and clean the house; talking with family and friends; being outside – gardening, walking, running. There is one minor thing that I am finding a little trying. Ironically for an ‘isolation’ situation, it is the fact that I am almost never alone. My 3-year-old son loves company at the best of times, so throw in a weird and unfamiliar situation and he needs it more than ever! I am someone who generally enjoys a bit of space, so keeping him and myself going can sometimes be a challenge. Everyone’s situation is unique and everyone’s list of these things will be different. Do let me know what you find trying and what is working well for you.

People keep saying that the world will never be the same again after this, but I don’t know. I think we will see some differences, the use of online technology being an obvious one, but world-altering deep-down changes to beliefs, habits, behaviour? I would love that to be the case, but I fear people’s memories are short, and most will go back to their previous lives and behaviours when this is all over. It would be great, perhaps, to write down your big hope for world change and look at it in a year’s time to see if we are any closer. I think my hope would have to be that we decide to stop polluting our planet. As we have seen the pollution clearing and the earth healing during this time of lockdown, how can we ever go back?

So to homeopathy. Homeopathy has a proud history of use in epidemics, and here are just some of many examples. In the cholera epidemic of 1854 in London, the mortality rate in conventional hospitals was 59% and in homeopathic hospitals 9%. In the Diptheria epidemic in the USA 1862-64, the mortality rate in conventional hospitals was 83.6% and in homeopathic hospitals 16.4%. [http://www.healingpath.co.uk/homeopathy/]

In the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918-19 (the ‘Spanish Flu’, the one that CoVid-19 is often compared to), which killed 50 million people, the mortality rate in conventional hospitals was 28.2% and in homeopathic hospitals just 1.05%. If you were being treated by a conventional doctor, the chance of surviving this flu if complicated by pneumonia, was 16 (surviving) to 1 (death). If you were being treated by a homeopath, the chance of surviving the Spanish flu if complicated by pneumonia, was 148 (surviving) to 1 (death). If you were pregnant and had the flu complicated by pneumonia, you were 41 times more likely to die under a conventional doctor than a homeopathic one. [https://www.homeopathyworks.com/blog/homeopathy-during-the-deadliest-epidemic-ever-recorded/?fbclid=IwAR2Mvmm9_jVJTT–glWB0zMYMqRQY5opSMXy0CQDrPPEUDbwj8scWLligKg]

And how do we know this? Because at the time of the Spanish Flu pandemic there were 4 homeopathic hospitals in the UK and over 100 in the USA.

So, what is happening with homeopathy right now? In India, the Ministry of Ayush (in charge of traditional medicines), recommended a homeopathic protocol to help prevent infection with CoVid-19. Their current statistics look a lot better than ours [https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/india/]. In Cuba, the government is starting to distribute a combination of several homeopathic remedies to vulnerable people in the hope that it will prevent or treat Coronavirus. Cuba had considerable success with a preventative homeopathic treatment for the Leptospirosis epidemics in 2007-2008. I have also heard that Dr Rajan Sankaran, a world-renowned homeopath in India, is calling for the government to conduct a randomised controlled trial of homeopathy for CoVid-19. I sincerely hope this will take place.

Thousands of people are being treated by homeopaths around the world. A few key figures are collecting a huge amount of data on these patients and treatments and are analysing symptoms and remedies to pass on to the rest of the homeopathic community. The news is very promising: people with confirmed cases of CoVid-19, from mild to severe, are being treated by homeopaths and almost all are recovering.

I am not normally ‘political’ about homeopathy because I believe everyone has a right to freedom of thought and choice. But it does make me angry that homeopathy is not even considered as a possible treatment in so many countries. It is safe and cheap and may be the most effective treatment we currently have. I understand being sceptical but, especially given its history, isn’t it worth a closer look?

If anyone would like to know more about homeopathy, take a look at my previous blog, an Introduction to Homeopathy & FAQs. I have also written about natural ways to keep you and your immune system in the best shape: My Top Immune Boosting Strategies. I hope I can offer some help to people in this most challenging of times and am now offering 30 minute acute appointments via video call or phone. Whether you have physical symptoms or are struggling emotionally with stress, anxiety or overwhelm in the current situation, these appointments are for you.

Wishing you all safe and well, Alice.

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  1. Francine Brody

    Really interesting! We are in a very similar position – immensely grateful for a garden and general well-being, finding having no time alone a bit daunting at times.

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