As lockdown starts to lift, how are you feeling? Excited at new possibilities, relieved to get back to normal, uncomfortable with how to be and behave in the ‘new normal’, or terrified of the hostile world you have been avoiding for so long now? Has lockdown been torture for you, has it been safe and comfortable, or has it surprised you with things to enjoy as well as difficulties to overcome? What would you like to keep in your life from this time?

For many it has been a surprising opportunity for growth and learning and a chance to take stock of what is really important. It is so rare to see this break from normality occur across the whole world and it is fascinating to see how people are reassessing their situations. If we must go forward into a new normal, what do we want that to look like? And this is the time to decide. A break, however devastating, also brings opportunities. Governments will have to put new plans in place for this new world and what better chance to shape the future with a new vision, perhaps one that actually incorporates environmental issues as well as social equality into the structure of our lives. This may, perhaps, be one reason why the Black Lives Matter protests have been so far-reaching: people do not want to put up with old injustices a moment longer, especially at a time when BAME communities are being disproportionately affected by the disease itself.

As we move tentatively forwards, with our greater freedom comes greater responsibility, on personal, national and global levels. We have to decide what is important and push for it, in our own lives as well as in a way that can be heard by people in power. We also need to remember that when the world stopped, people felt there was a coming together, a uniting against something more powerful than our individual needs. Millions of people all over the world have made huge sacrifices to help others in their hour of need, from doctors and nurses who have given their lives to save others, to people doing the shopping for their elderly neighbours. So let’s not return to the selfishness of normality, let’s keep looking out for each other and keep being kind to one another.

Although there are still, unfortunately, many people catching Covid-19, there are also thousands who are recovering. Homeopathy has an important role to play post-virally. Many people who have suffered with the disease are having very long recovery periods, even if they have not been too severely affected. They may develop chronic fatigue, brain fog, continuing problems with respiration, or simply never feeling fully well since having the virus. Homeopathy can help the body to overcome lingering symptoms, to rebalance the immune system, and aid in getting people back to full health. For those who have been seriously ill, the recovery process will be even longer and homeopaths can provide valuable support during this time. The side effects of mechanical ventilators, and the drugs necessary to be on them, can be harsh, but there are ways to help.

Homeopathy can also offer emotional support. For many, this has been a time of prolonged anxiety: changes in routine, lack of control over the situation, concerns about health, and worries about money are just some of the things that have kept people on edge and the adrenaline pumping for a long time. It can be hard to relax and return to normal after all that. And for lots of people, coming out of lockdown brings more worries, particularly about safety and work. Homeopathy has many wonderful remedies designed to help with fear, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and all the physical and psychological issues that go along with these conditions. Let me know if you would like me to help.

So, what would I like to keep from this time? Family dinners eaten together, walks in the countryside, my husband working at home, empty roads, birdsong. Simple pleasures.

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Wishing you all safe and well, Alice

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