Some kind words from happy clients:

“For over 2 years I had no sense of smell or taste, also my emotional state was completely off balance.  I am very happy to say my smell and taste have now completely returned and I am feeling so much more at ease in my emotional state and my life is back on track.  I don’t think this would have happened if I hadn’t come to you for treatment.  I am truly grateful for your exceptional listening skills and remedies.”

“I have been treated by Alice with great success.  Her treatment not only worked within a short amount of time, but as a medical doctor myself, I was extremely impressed by her knowledgeable, patient-centred, professional, and sensitive consultation style.  I would recommend her to anyone!”

I have known Alice for a number of years and during this time I have found her homeopathic advice and treatment to be invaluable.  I have used homeopathy for everyday illnesses and during pregnancy and labour, under Alice’s supervision, and have found it extremely effective.  Alice’s professional approach and friendly nature instills confidence and, in my and many other cases, achieves effective results.”

“Alice is caring, intelligent and efficient.  She is a good listener and prepared to explore different paths until she finds the right one.  I have only been in treatment for a few months but can already see benefits after my therapy, which involves a long term ailment.”