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Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and didn’t put too much pressure on yourself. I embraced the ‘less than perfect’ Christmas philosophy (see my previous blog Gratitude & The Functional Family to see what I’m talking about) and actually enjoyed it a lot more. I still woke up stressing at 3am on Christmas morning, but it’s the one day of the year where it’s almost mandatory to have a snooze on the sofa in the afternoon, so that was fine.

We’re well into January now and there’s been plenty of time for New Year Resolutions to have been made and broken again. Personally, I think resolutions are much better made later in the year when the weather is kinder and the Christmas selection boxes are not still hanging around! However, the new year is certainly a time for reflection and planning, and I have decided to make positivity a corner stone for my actions and mindset this year. If you missed my previous blog, there are some ideas for positive journalling and thinking that you may find helpful. This year I am urging you to THINK BIG!

I will explain. Last year, after being in one kind of structural pain or another since pregnancy, I embarked on a series of Alexander Technique lessons. Other treatments had not worked and I knew that I needed to make changes to how I actually used my body and carried myself. Alexander Technique helps you to change your unhelpful physical habits and rebuild them with less tension and greater efficiency, creating new habits that use our bodies as they were intended to be used.

Alexander Technique has similarities in approach to homeopathy and both take time to affect their transformations. New habits are not created overnight, and it is not simply a matter of changing how the body functions, though this is complicated enough. We have adopted our old habits for a reason, they keep us safe, and altering them inevitably alters the way we think and feel about ourselves. That can feel frightening so we need to give ourselves the time and space to get used to a new position of safety, one which will serve us better in the long run. Homeopathy is the same in this regard: its purpose is to bring about a change in the body or mind that is long-lasting. This often means working to undo years of illness and dis-ease and rewiring the system in a new and healthier way. Sometimes we may feel resistance to these changes but if we keep breathing and work at a pace that is right for us, we can move forward with positivity and hope.

I am lucky enough to have found a wonderful teacher in Noriko Sakura of Sakura Studio. Each lesson I emerge feeling taller, calmer, stronger and more balanced physically and emotionally. Noriko challenges me to make good habits my new way of being and to find better ways of using my body. In one of my early lessons she remarked that I should not make myself smaller. It was a comment made in passing but it really stayed with me. I think many of us, especially women (correct me if I’m wrong guys!), spend most of our lives trying to be smaller. Trying to be thinner and more petite is ingrained for many of us (and reinforced by images everywhere), and for others doing their best to be meek, mild, not stick out too much and not offend anyone, translates into a physical shape that is squashed, tightened, pulled in, hunched, even cowed. Alexander Technique encourages us to stand to our full height, to let the breath expand our ribs, to allow our shoulders to be broad and our backs strong. And it is empowering. Because making ourselves smaller physically impacts how we see ourselves emotionally, and how we feel emotionally impacts how we hold ourselves physically. It becomes a vicious or virtuous cycle.

This year then I want to encourage you to forget about thinking thin and crash diets (although I’m not discouraging healthy eating and exercise, of course) and instead think big. Think about filling the whole of your body with energy and vitality, and growing tall and broad with the strength and grace of a tree. Enjoy using and moving your body and it will be beautiful. Stand tall and it will allow your ideas, your personality, your wishes, desires and potential to stand tall too.

If all of that seems out of reach, scary or just completely out of your comfort zone, that’s ok. Most of us will have been there, and you do have to be in a certain place emotionally to be able to make these kind of changes. If you’d like support with that, feel free to reach out and discover how I and homeopathy can help. I offer a free 30 minute discovery call for you to do just that. In order to help you start the new year in a positive way, I am offering 20% off any consultation (in person or via Skype) booked in January.

Thank you for reading! If you have enjoyed this post please comment, share or sign up to my newsletter below.

Wishing you a very positive 2020! Alice

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