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I am back with homeopathy, re-starting my practice after an extended maternity leave and a move to a new town. The first blog that I ever wrote was about the changing seasons, and this one is too, in a way. As the days get ever darker and the nights draw in, many of us have to take care that the darkness does not envelope us completely. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and a lack of vitamin D from sunlight, can cause serious illness for some and emotional issues may become magnified by the lowering effect of dark days. For many, darkness and what lurks within it can (as my little boy might say) be scary.

So, what can we do? Well, there is a good reason why our traditions at this time of year involve ‘jack-o-lanterns’, bonfires, fireworks and Christmas lights, why there is Diwali and the adoration of Sancta Lucia. They bring light and warmth to the darkness. And dressing up as evil spirits (as we may do at Halloween), is a great way to know that we are not actually controlled by them. I believe that we need to find our own light in dark times: to literally find sunlight wherever we can, but also metaphorically to find the spark that ignites the fire in our hearts.

However, a word of warning: do not be seduced by the lure of the little glowing screen. I write this as much as a reminder to myself as to help others, because we are like moths to a flame, drawn to the promises of warmth and friendship that our phones and tablets appear to offer. But the evidence already shows these devices are changing the way we relate to one another, not to mention the disruptive affect they can have on our ability to properly rest, wind down and de-stress. Every article you read now on how to gain a good night’s sleep states that we must turn our screens off at least an hour before bed.

So, let’s find the real light in our lives. It might be taking a long walk on a crisp day crunching through fallen leaves, or taking the kids to jump in muddy puddles (preferably with lots of waterproof clothing!) rather than staying indoors on a rainy day. It might be nourishing your inner fire with creativity, writing, art, craft, music, or just great friends. Follow whatever passion allows you to be fully in the moment, wherever it is you find your peace, joy and calm. Which brings me full circle: I am back with my passion, homeopathy, because I have continued to follow its sparks through all the changes in my life. And what passion could be more wonderful than one that brings light, hope and health to other people’s lives.

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